Tomorrow I begin my quest to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.  I will not be able to do the entire hike at one time, due to the needs of the vineyard, but will chip away until done.   Tomorrow, I fly into San Diego airport, and a customer has volunteered to pick me up and take me to Campo, essentially the beginning of the trail.  I hope that the conditions allow me to be out there for 3 weeks.  I have sent 3 resupply boxes to myself, so I do not need to carry as much.  The pack is heavy enough, though thankfully, not as heavy as a backpack sprayer.  I hope to meet these supplies in Mt. Laguna, Julian and Warner Springs.  There are reports of heavy snow on the ground.  If the trail is too obscurred, I may need to turn back.  I begin at roughly 3000 elevation and Mt. Laguna is nearly 6000.  I expect it to be the second hardest thing I’ve ever done, but will try.  After 3 weeks, the vineyard will be calling me to start the busy season of suckering and more.

I will update this blog, when access to internet allows, which may not be until I return.  Stay tuned and wish me luck!