Mail problem revelations

You know that I have been frustrated and heartbroken about many letters from friends and family never reaching me.  When I first arrived, it seemed I was getting everything, and then, at the first of February, like a switch had been flipped, hardly anything was getting through.  My mind went to some sort of political plot, the government was reading my blog and intercepting my mail because I said something they did not like (even though I try to keep it free of anything offensive or confidential, or even names).


But my friend, Lindsey, who has worked in Korea, has opened my eyes to a different angle on what is likely happening.  She suggested some postal workers are opening the cards and letters, looking for money, and then tossing them in the trash, to cover their act.  We know this can happen in the US as well, but why such a high percentage of my mail here?  I have been told of at least 25 pieces of mail that never came, compared to 5 that made it through in the same period of time, of which 2 were postcards.


I believe it is because there are no greeting cards here, so they stick out like a neon sign.  I have never seen one for sale, not even in the large French stores.  I have only seen white window envelopes for bank statements, and private correspondence seems to all be in brown envelopes.  When I look at what has come through, it makes sense; some colored envelopes, but mostly cards that were sent as a bundle in a plain envelope, or post cards.  Until December 1st, they were coming to the capital of Rabat, to the main office of Peace Corps, and fewer hands/eyes would have seen those.  None of the registered mail packages have been lost, as there is a paper trail in both countries.


So, please don’t give up, as all your cards and letters go up on my “wall of love” to sustain me through each day.  If not sending by registered, just leave the envelope open, don’t seal.  It is unlikely the letter will fall out, and they can see there is nothing there.