Marrakesh, part 3.  The meeting.  Our Moroccan counterparts are in the adjacent hotel, but PCVs are in bungalows.  These are just awful, dirty and infested with ants and cockroaches.  2 small/1 big bed/1 bath for 6 people, no towels-TP-soap.  Can you hear my tears and audible sighs?  Nice pool and lobby.  Back to Djemaa el-Fna for dinner with friends and afterwards, karaoke.


The main goals of this week of meetings are three-fold;  to debrief us and encourage on our progress so far, to set goals for the next three months, and to introduce our Moroccan Counterparts (we are each required to invite one from our community) to Peace Corps methods for Youth Development.  There were classes and activities throughout the days.  The food at lunches was good.  Had some Staj 99ers for roommates, which resulted in a very large party till past 3am.  No, I don’t have that in me anymore, so tried to sleep.  I am sure I was the wicked witch for asking them to move the party elsewhere the next night.  More classes, very excited about Passport to Success program!  Quickie burger, diversity speed dating, poetry readings, early to bed.


Friday, classes, the Northern Counterparts arrive, including mine, Khadija.  Another Carrefoure within walking distance, kid gifts, my secret pal, had great Indian food with Courtney.  Khadija in for the night, after her Counterpart dinner, but took her a bag with soap, chocolate and TP.  Joy of event diminished as Matt, Mitch and other 7 o’clockers drop off the breakfast routine.


Saturday, 99ers leave, and leave a mess.  Ant explosion on the food debris they leave.  Classes with counterparts, dinner with Khadija and my Family.


Sunday, classes with CPs, planned to take Khadija to Djemaa el-Fna, but she decided to take the night bus instead.  Louis called to wish me happy St. Patrick’s Day so I went to an Irish pub for dinner (no, they never heard of St. Patrick’s Day), early to bed, for a long day tomorrow.