The “Dar Shbaab”.  September 24-25, 2018.  I have not seen as much of my host family this week.  The late-night meal is the only one where everyone is home and I am skipping that meal because of getting up early for school.  I still see my “Mom” at breakfast.  She actually eats around 10, but has a little with me before I leave.  My “sister” cooks lunch for me and shares with me.  Yesterday and today there were visiting relatives at these meals.  Language classes continue.  Walks around the community continue.  We had visits from our Peace Corps staff.  Each day I have been treated to tea “kaskaroot” at two other volunteer homes.  Today we had our first activity with local children, beginning to get to know our community through their eyes.  They drew us maps of town, identifying key places and whether or not they liked to go there, and how frequently.  The place where the children come for English and other activities is called the “Dar Shbaab” or “house of young people”.  This is part of our training, so that when we reach our own communities we will have developed skills for getting to know the community.