Last night in “Posh” Corps.  September 19, 2018.  As I sit here in my room writing, I can hear the call to prayer from the local Minaret.  This version is undoubtedly recorded, but I look forward to the small-town version of a live recitation.  Today is our last day in this beach-side town.  Among other things we were trained on how to use the “Turkish” toilet aka “squatty potty”.  If nothing else, I will come home with stronger legs.  And more shots.  I was invited to have lunch with our Country Director and figured I was being sent home, but no, it was just a special invitation to the 3 older women who are part of the group.  Very nice.


Tomorrow we take buses to our next phase, of living with host families in small villages as we further our training.  In my case it is actually a bus and two “grand” taxis.  We are not allowed to post the names of our locations on social media, but I can share a little.  My village is one of the smallest.  There is no need for “petite” taxis because every part is easily walkable.  There is no “souk” (public market) and we will need to take a “grand” taxi when we need to go to a neighboring town.  There will be 6 of us in this town, with our teacher.  We live with host families, who also help us learn about the culture and the language.  Today I learned a little about my host family, but I would not want to post any details until I find out how they feel about it.


Tomorrow I will be too busy to write, but I will catch up when I can.