Movie night.  September 18, 2018.  The main focus of classes today was learning about the official and unofficial structure of who runs the show in Moroccan towns, and learning how to build relationships.  At the same time, we have classes on how to deal with any unwanted attention.  As always, it is a balancing act.  After classes our homework was to interview Moroccans on what they bought at the store.  The hotel staff is all very kind and multi-lingual, so they play along.  One of the funny aspects of the place is the cats.  They lounge around the hotel and pester you at meals.  It would be cute if not for the seminar on rabies, ring-worm, etc, so I do not pet them.  I finally ventured to the beach.  It is right below our hotel, but I just have not had time.  Took a picture of the sunset and came back for my daily ritual of trying to get internet.  A couple of the students put together a showing of the movie “Casablanca” which I joined.