June 21, 2018.  The morning started out with such promise, homework done (hot food, no shower), I am struggling but learning a lot.  There have been many of those Helen Keller moments (remember the movie, when she realizes that those hand symbols mean “water”?).  I stop at the “Tech” office before breakfast to see when they are open so I can get help putting Arabic software on my devices, so I can get Quizlet and more (tips from last night).  Clay is there, who also served with Peace Corps in Morocco after being a Middlebury 1.5.  Nothing but good to say about both.  He will be back later but will research Blackberry options in the meanwhile.  He is the second person to gift me more white-out tape, which I need.  I am very strategic about use of energy and time.  I pocket an apple and a bagel so I can avoid the walk to lunch, but still eat.  I discover that the magical copy machine code from the Library works on all the copiers!  Sorry Vern, thank you Holly!  The “Tea Shop” provided a post lecture dinner of chunks of chicken, a cheese stick and a Snickers bar, that I could take back to my room.  A series of little things to add to the celebration of the first day of Summer.  Hmmm…Where is Daniel?  He was not here yesterday, but twice?  Nothing was said, but he also missed study group.  Hmmm.