August 4, 2018. This last week I nearly gave up. I could see that I am falling behind other students with expanding the vocabulary. We had our test on Wednesday, followed by Final draft of the Written Presentation on Thursday, and second Oral Presentation, only one day later on Friday. All the while, normal homework, club, lectures, films. Still, I made it through all that with just the Final Exam to go, and each class needs to do a “talent show” entry, which is normally a video mimicking the Middlebury experience. Having the Oral behind me has lifted a great weight. I am happy to be able to focus on upgrading my vocabulary for the remaining time. I can eat more than one meal a day without worrying about the lost time.  I guess the down side is that I might find those 10 pounds I lost.  Also, I am starting to get excited about leaving for Morocco, as I have definite times, dates and places. I stage in Philadelphia on September 10th for orientation, leaving for Fez, Morocco the next day. I have a conference call on the 8th at 5:00 am with Peace Corps, along with tons of assignments they have been sending. Not all work, to be honest I did sneak out to enjoy the wonderful Vine Village Celebration in Napa. This is a great organization and I hope you will support them in my absence. I will make one more Middlebury post after I finish, then shift into Morocco mode!