June 20, 2018.  Success!  My work is done in time to shower, make up hair AND face AND eat!  Good thing too, as I was out of apples and bananas.  I get a hot breakfast and feel like I have the world by the tail.  Then, my homework comes back.  I like red, but I have a feeling that this is not the place I want to wear it.  But today is a short day and I will really get that homework done early.  My struggle is primarily with vocabulary, pronunciation and memorizing.  Right now, we are covering all sorts of vocabulary regarding college life (not too useful) but also the weather.  So, when the study group introduced me to “Quizlet”, I can see my future changing.  Computerized flash cards that actually speak the words out loud, while testing you.  I have got to get this!  So, I will go first thing tomorrow to get Arabic put on my laptop and phone.  But I skipped two important events we will have every Wednesday, club and lecture.  All students are required to join one of 15 or so clubs, covering everything from cooking and calligraphy to the Bible and Arabic Current Events (my choice).  I did not understand much, but what I did, made me excited to learn so I could participate.  All levels mix in the clubs.  There is even one poor guy who is a 1.0.  The lecture is not until 8:30.  Most of the instructor and staff hours are also late.  The lecture is a special one for the lower levels (below 2), in English (last time) on tips and strategies for studying and succeeding in Arabic.  Quizlet again!  More homework, until 12:30.