June 18, 2018.  So…I slept in until 6.  My normal alarm time is 5, but then, I am normally in my PJs by 9.  I finish my homework, with time for a shower/hair/make-up, but not for breakfast.  Good.  I go to the copy center, knowing they don’t open until 9, but hoping.  Indeed, there is a very nice man there at the copy/mail center who opens early to help me.  Super!  No English (or Spanish, or anything but Arabic) for the next 8 weeks!  This means I am trying to speak Arabic with Vern.  But he is used to it and we get it done.  On time for class.  8:45 to 3:30 with a break for lunch.  We do a lot of work, but this first week, classes at our level (below 2.0) can use English, but only while in class.  Our class is as far from my room and the cafeteria as is possible on this campus.  So, I decide to forego lunch in favor of a jump start on that homework.  We push through to 3:30.  I skip dinner to go out and buy more index cards for my flashcards, and to get a warmer coat and a few supplies.  I pay, however, with another late night until 12:30.  I did not starve however, as I had a stash of apples and bananas.