June 19, 2018.  Up at 5, but since I did not get everything done, I had better finish before taking that shower.  What?  No time for shower, hair, make-up?  Or food again?  Copy Vern is not there?  Well, at least I am on time for class.  The instructors give us until after lunch to turn in the work.  There goes lunch.  When we get out at 3:30, I check in with the Graduate Student who is assigned as TA to our level.  Jon is a great guy that works with me on pronunciation and more.  Now let me just pause to say that none of this rigor is a surprise.  I was forewarned.  Also, I am one of the slowest people in the class and so feel I need to really study hard.  I was surprised, therefore, when one of the smartest in the class invited me to join a study group.  It was uplifting.  I went to college (and yes, graduated) many years ago.  However, I always worked full time and carried a heavy curriculum load, so never experienced college life, the dorms, the study groups, cafeteria, library time, etc.  Yet another new experience on my way to Morocco.  The group was fun and helpful.  But, when I left, I still had a lot to do, another late night.