June 22, 2018.  God is testing me, still.  So, at least, I will get a hot shower and a hot breakfast.  No hot water?  I neglected to mention that this a real college dorm, which means the entire floor shares a bathroom.  I have never had to wait, so, (aside from the rapid accumulation of hair all over the floor), no problem.  But today, when I really needed one, I washed my hair with cold water leaning over the handicap shower.  Apparently, the whole building has been without since yesterday.  Nice.  I went to my new class, where I started at the same place as three years ago, learning the alphabet and very simple sentences.  My classmates seem advanced in their skills for the material.  Many already speak Arabic.  I like the teacher, but her accent is very different and I have not tuned my ear yet.  It will take me some time to get over the set-back, and the desire to burst into flames all day, but I will.  I am sure that daily set-backs will be part of the daily Peace Corps life, so good practice, right? For today, I was just so emotionally racked, that after a little printing at the library, I just-took-a-nap.  I checked a few (of the thousand waiting) emails and went to the required movie.  No sub-titles this time.  My former classmates found me hiding at the top of the theater and sat with me.  Good way to end the day, feeling a little love.  They are going to San Francisco tomorrow (no class on Saturday) and so I tried to explain the hot spots (fish + man for Fisherman’s Wharf, etc LOL).  As for me, that nap today just means I have double homework for tomorrow, and laundry.