September 12, 2018.  Another orientation.  Our first full day in Morocco introduced us to most of the staff.  As before, the main focus was on safety, this time, including those shots.  For me, there were 3, including Rabies.  We also spent time reviewing core expectations and a series of logistical issues.  We received our Peace Corps telephone and first money, mosquito nets, carbon monoxide/fire alarms and really extensive first aid kits.  Had I known, I could have saved 10 pounds.  We took new photos and were interviewed for language placement.  The food served is tasty and plentiful.  I ventured out to do a little shopping across the street.  Many went volunteers went for a walk on the beach, as most got out of class by 3:30.  I spent most of the time trying to get an internet connection.  We had rain last night, and thunderstorms during dinner tonight.  The weather is warm and humid.  Looks like we will all turn in early tonight.  Tomorrow we begin language training.