I have threatened to blog many times over the years, but I feel that now I have some very interesting reasons to do so.  On future days I will step back to tell a little about my history as a vineyard manager, farmer and vintner in two counties of Northern California.  Also, when I have time, I will re-visit the process, both in my mind as well as the physical process, that it has taken to bring me to this threshold of entering the Peace Corps.

But today I am beginning a fascinating chapter, Middlebury Language School of Arabic.  Yesterday I arrived at Mills College in Oakland, where I received the key to my dormitory and moved in.  Today, we have spent the entire day in Placement testing, to determine which level we will be taking.  Even though I have been studying Arabic for nearly 3 years, I had estimated myself a 1.5.  Today’s testing left me feeling about -1.5!  Scores and placements come out tomorrow.  We are not finished for the day.  I am headed to the Littlefield Concert Hall for a Film and some announcements from our Headmaster.  More about that soon.