September 10, 2018.  During the first night, my bags were recovered and I got a roommate, Casey from Seattle.  In the morning we joined 7 more West Coasties to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  We also enjoyed another popular local “Philly” Cheesesteak sandwich.  Then, we returned to our hotel to register.  I was red-flagged with two more tasks to complete.  Those completed, I officially became a Peace Corps Trainee.  Our orientation ran from 2-8:30.  As a big group we did an ice breaker and a closing.  In between we had break-out sessions, mainly focused on safety scenarios.  Quick time to grab a bite.  Four of us walked a few blocks for a Five Guys cheeseburger.  We needed to re-pack, as one of our two large bags will be in storage until December.  Then we wrestled our 150 pounds of treasure to the staging room.  All 113 volunteer trainees were broken into 11 groups, 3 buses.  At 11:00 pm we all loaded those buses for the drive to JFK airport in NY (well, really NJ, yes, the same airport where Faye and I were stranded for 28 hours) for our 7:00 am flight.  All went quite smooth.  We flew Moroccan Royal Air and they did a great job.  It was about a 6 ½ hour flight to Casablanca.  In addition to our fearless group leader, Chloe, there were great Peace Corps teams at every stage to manage logistics.  Another 2-hour bus ride and we arrived at our hotel just outside Rabat.  We were served a lovely dinner of soup, meats and pasta, fruit.  There are four girls in our apartment.