Still June 21st.  Beloved words of wisdom from my dear friend, Harley, (as we tackle the video poker machines).  Nope, the Director is not having it either (which I don’t learn until 5:30 because my internet had disconnected).  What is my decision?  No word from “drop” lady.  What is my is my decision?  Just yesterday I received my first meaningful email from Peace Corps in quite a while.  I need to fill out an updated resume centered on my language skills.  They are providing tools to help me (as well as the other 115 people in my Peace Corps group) with resources to start learning Arabic.  I reach out to an acquaintance who has done both.  Any advice?  Would I be better off to just study with the Peace Corps materials?  Or will staying at Middlebury, regressed to level 1, accomplish more?  He was quite firm that I stay, that even at level 1, I will be entering way ahead of the game.  Crap.  I decide to stay.  9 pm, I meet with the Director and my new instructor.  So tomorrow I start over.  No dinner again.  I will write more when I am able.